What is Momopays ?

MoMoPays is a network marketing website which is a platform for Cameroonians to make money online and get paid via their mobile money accounts.

How much do I have to invest to become a member ?

MoMoPays is not an investment website, with MoMoPays you become a member by signing up for free, then pay for our financial management ebook via mobile money.

How do I make money via MoMoPays ?

After you have successfully signed up and bought our ebook, you will get a unique referral link which you will give to prospective members, when the sign up through your link, you will automatically earn a commission which will be visible on your dashboard.

How many people am I allowed to refer to join MoMoPays ?

There's no limit to the number of people you can refer. You will earn commission for every person you refer.

Is MoMoPays a pyramid scheme ?

No, with all pyramid schemes, members at the top benefit the most at the expense of members at the lower part of the pyramid. On MoMoPays, your commission is dependent on your direct referrals only. However, you will earn commission on a second level.

What are your commission levels ?

MoMoPays pays commission on 2 levels. Level one commission is commission on your direct referrals. You earn 1000 FRS for every direct referral you make. Level 2 commission is commission earned indirectly. When those you have referred bring their referrals, you will earn 500frs for each of their referrals

How will I receive my commission ?

Every Fridays, members will be able to request to withdraw their commission. Withdrawal requests will be processed within 24 hours and paid via your Mobile money account.

Can I become a member of MoMoPays if I do not have a mobile money account ?

Yes, you can become a member however, if you would also love to make money though our referral program, you will need to have an active mobile money account for withdrawal of your commission.

What payment processor do you accept ?

We accept MTN mobile money and Orange money payments only at the moment.

Can I create more than one account on MoMoPays ?

Yes, however you must use different phone numbers and email addresses at sign up.