The Management team of MoMoPays LTD, Leaders and Legal team after a meeting concerning an issue relating to MoMoPays Express was raised, it has been decided that MoMoPays Express Project will be suspended till further notice and members seed money refunded. 
This decision was taken after our legal team accessed how this project can affect our company in the future and also members. It is for the good of the company and to protect members. We need to keep and protect the good name of the company. 

Some of the issues reviewed include 
1) Members expect to start earning immediately they purchase slots which is not how the system works and members put a lot of pressure on leaders. 
2) Legal issues which may potentially have negative effects on our company.

The whole project will be reviewed and restructured to ensure that we satisfy all legal requirements, guarantee timely and secure earning opportunities for members. 
We will proceed immediately with launching MoMoPays in Ghana and will spread our Network to other countries in Africa in 2019. Going international will go a long way to ensure security and safety for members and the company.
We apologise for the inconvenience.
All seed money used to purchase slots will be transfered to members available balance for withdrawal.

Members will continue to make money through referral our referral program within Cameroon and other countries when we launch there.

Winners of the MoMoPays Referral Contest will be announced on the 1st of December 2018