1) What is MoMoPays Express:
MoMoPays Express is a arm of Momopays online business which enables members to earn without necessarily referring anyone to the network.

2) How is it possible to earn without referrals?

MoMoPays Express makes it possible because we are putting together the ideas of Crowdfunding and Njangi, this is backed up by a secret business model called "Frankings Business Model".

3) What are slots?
Slots are eproducts which are sold exclusively on MoMoPays website to MoMoPays members. Slots are positions on the MoMoPays Express pyramid which members buy in order to earn money.

4) How much can I make if I buy a slot on MoMoPays?
You can earn a minimum of 7800 FRS and a maximum of 15,000 FRS from each slots. This would depend on how many persons you refer to MoMoPays.

5) Do I need to refer anyone before I can earn on MoMoPays Express?
No, you don't need to refer anyone to earn, however referring others to j9in MoMoPays network will increase your earnings on MoMoPays Express.

6) How much does a slot cost?
Each slot costs 1500 FRS 

7) How long does it take to earn all the earnings from a slot?
It depends on how fast members buy slots. The faster members buy slots, the faster members earn. So the time will vary.

8) How can I buy a slot on MoMoPays?
You can buy slots using your withdrawable balance on MoMoPays or you can load your MoMoPays account from your mobile money account and use the money to buy slots.

9) Can I buy slots using my reserve?
No, you can't. Reserves are meant strictly for purchase of products on MoMoPays which do not earn members any money directly.

10) How many slots can I buy at once? 
You can buy a maximum of 10 slots at the moment.

11) Does a slot earn me money forever?
No, slots can't earn you money forever, they expire when they have earned their maximum.

12) When does a slot expire?
A slot expires when it has earned from 120 downline slots, that is from her first generation to forth generation downline slots.

13) How does a slot earn from downline slots?
MoMoPays Express system is automated and it automatically allocates downline slots to slots already in the system. Slots which are bought earlier will have newly bought slots allocated to them, using a 3X4 matrix. Each slot can have no more than 3 slots allocated under them directly. Each slot in your slot's downline will contribute between 65frs and 125 FRS to your slot.

14) Is it a guarantee that I will earn from my slots?

MoMoPays LTD isn't permitted by law to guarantee any earnings to members. However, we guarantee that your seed money will be refunded to you should anything happen in the future and you have never earned from MoMoPays Express.

15) Are there any charges incurred for being part of this amazing service?
Yes, the system charges every slot 1000 FRS from it's earnings. This is recycled into the system. Members are also required to purchase another slot using earnings from each slot so downline slots will also earn from them. This will ensure that no one will enjoy at the top while other suffer at the bottom.