*Change your thinking* _#MoMoPays_ _Motivation_

- Have you been struggling to get a single referral since you joined MoMoPays??
- Are you facing difficulties with knowing where to find referrals and how to go about finding them??
- Do you feel you have done everything possible and it seems you can't make it on MoMoPays??

If your answers to all these questions are "Yes" then I'll tell you what the problem is.
The problem is not that MoMoPays is difficult as you may be thinking because there are people who have made over 100,000 XAF on MoMoPays and so can you.
You need to first change your thinking,
Think positively, 
think you can do it,
Say to yourself that if someone else can do it, I can do even better.
Learn to be confident in yourself,
Don't let anyone discourage you,
Be determined and eager to work everyday on Facebook groups and using your WhatsApp status and Facebook status to promote your business.
If you can make it in MoMoPays, you can make it in any other network marketing business. 
Take advantage of the simplicity of MoMoPays, set goals and watch your personality grow.
Take time to study the MoMoPays Motivational ebook to build your personality and stay focused, together we shall make it.
We are the next biggest thing in Cameroon.

Feel free to contact MoMoPays admin via WhatsApp for assistance and motivation.