1. Attend schools you can afford because expensive schools don't guarantee good results. 

Just ensure you attend a good affordable school

2. Rent apartments you can pay for conveniently. Don’t live in a house you struggle to pay yearly.

3. Some problems in our lives don’t just pop up, if you don't own a home, we knew we would pay rents...So plan ahead.

4. Let’s plan our lives and live within our means. Save more and spend less.

5. Some youths buy food every morning before going to school or work, do you know it’s cheaper to cook at home?

6. Eat healthy meals and protect yourself and your family from mosquitoes to avoid going to the hospital always.

7. Take advantage of food and fruits in season, its cheaper and you can be creative to create amazing meals.

8. Don’t copy your neighbor’s lifestyle, he or she earns well or his or her parents are wealthy. Use what you have.

9. Don’t follow trends, wear clean well-ironed clothes and keep your hair neat. You would still look good.

10. Keep your circle small, keep only friends that have senses!

11. Above all things, have the fear of God, have integrity, don’t be lazy and be prayerful.

12. Planning is the key, if you fail to plan, you plan to FAIL

13. Don't do more than your budget this  new year, there is no award given to best youth  that wore an expensive cloth for the year

16.Don't be in competition with anyone...

The purpose of shoes and clothes are to make us smart and look good.

God bless us all and provide all our needs.

With regards
Ejenma Franklin C.